Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are there programs to help pay for DayCare?

Yes. The Dutchess County Department of Social Services offers a grant through New York State to help pay your child care costs, providing you are income eligible. This program could possibly pay a large percentage of your DayCare costs.

2. Does My Little Angels DayCare & Preschool accept credit cards?

Yes, via Paypal.

3. What age does My Little Angels accept children into care?

Ages 6 weeks - 12 years

4. Does My Little Angels DayCare & Preschool close during power outages?

No. My Little Angels DayCare & Preschool is equipped with a generator that fully runs the entire facility to provide water, electric, heat, and comfort to each child enrolled. So, there is no need to take that day off from work as My Little Angels doors are always open for the convenience of each parent/guardian.

5. Does My Little Angels accept children in diapers?

Yes. My Little Angels does accept children in diapers, and will also help with the bathroom training process as well.

6. Does My Little Angels provide meals and snacks for the children?

Yes. My Little Angels offers two meals and two snacks a day. two snacks a day, which is overseen by the CACFP {Child and Adult Care Food Program}.

7. What are the operating days and hours of My Little Angels?

My Little Angels is open Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., however, I will open as early as 5:30 a.m. for your convenience.

8. Does My Little Angels provide a preschool curriculum?

My Little Angels offers a full preschool program Monday - Friday. During preschool the children are taught their colors, alphabet, numbers, we work on our senses, worksheets, and the children are provided with their own homework back pack to be sure to continue their learning process at home.

9. Does My Little Angels offer a year round program?

Yes. My Little Angels is a year round program for the convenience of working parents.

10. Are there any days that My Little Angels does close?

Yes. My Little Angels does close for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July

11. Does My Little Angels charge over the agreed upon tuition?

No. Whether your child is in care for four hours a day or 12 hours a day, the tuition will not increase do to extra hours in care.

12. Who provides diapers for my child?

The parent provides the diapers/pull ups

13. What would I need to bring for my child?

Each child will need two changes of clothes, socks, slippers, diaper/pull ups, underwear, and sneakers to be placed in their cubbie. These supplies are brought in on your child’s first day of care. Each day after, the parent is only expected to bring your child as My Little Angels supplies everything else needed.

14. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due every Monday, however a grace period will be extended to Friday's by 6:00 p.m.

15. Vacations?

A two week notice of any scheduled vacation is required by the parent/guardian if applicable.